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Deli – Perfect place to relax and unwind

The Deli is ideal for an informal meeting; it has exactly what it takes to create the perfect fast-paced atmosphere. Be it for a quick meeting over a coffee or light meal to unwind after a long day’s work. The unusual mélange of colours and smart combinations are uplifting. The food ranges from freshly baked cakes & pastries, cooked to order breakfasts with choice omelette to grilled sandwiches, all sinfully delicious yet surprisingly light. A glass of freshly squeezed fruit juices and traditional tea or freshly brewed gourmet coffee completes the meal, healthy or otherwise. Display of skilfully created exotic desserts, pastries and cakes at the Deli are delights to your eye as much as to your palate. For customers on the go, the take away service is efficient and prompt. Bustling and lively, the Deli offers every customer exactly what he comes for - a tranquil, pleasing meal sans any ado.